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We are fizor.

Software that helps your business grow

At fizor, we believe nobody should ever be limited by their software. So that everyone can achieve the best possible result. Our team has over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining smart business systems. We create software that perfectly matches your operational processes, with a strong focus on your results and future growth.

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Grow without limitations.

Go for a system that evolves with you

Get rid of the limitations of your old systems. We automate analogue processes and offer maximum flexibility and scalability. With automatic updates, user-friendly interfaces and unlimited possibilities for integrations. By using proven tools and technologies, we can deliver a solution that’s right for you. And you’ll never have to be restricted by your software again.

How we do it?
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The best software. Here’s why.

Guaranteed results.

Our software is fully optimized according to your business operations and goals. We make commitments to your time and budget, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Software independent.

We only work with certified Forrester and Gartner partners. This allows us to use proven technologies that give you the right foundation to grow without limitations.

Developed 10x faster

We build your software much quicker than traditional programming methods. We can deliver a fully-functioning ERP-system within 12 months, while your company keeps on going.


Each project starts with a quick and effective analysis. That’s how we determine the starting point.


We work agile and in short sprints. For a fast delivery with a direct impact.


Our software is not a success until it gets you the right results.

These businesses already go for a results-driven approach

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Organisatiesysteem opts for fast innovation with a future-proof core system


City of Bellevue increases scalability and efficiency with a sustainable vendor management system