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Do you want to gain more control over your operations? And reduce your logistical costs with more efficient supply management and a fully-automated order picking and delivery system? We offer a complete and integrated solution for manufacturing companies. 

We design, build and maintain software that perfectly matches your operational processes. We do this by optimizing and seamlessly integrating systems like ERP, MES, Production Planning Software and WMS – giving you the right foundation to build for the future. With a single release policy and software that does what it needs to do, we ensure that your production facility will be more effective and less error-prone.

Replace your software,
without the risks

Replacing your core system can be a major challenge when executed in the traditional way. But with a lean & mean low-code approach, we can transfer all your core operations fast and securely to a new environment that gives you all the additional functionalities you need. All while keeping your existing business processes running smoothly.

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A word from our clients.

“With fizor. we effectively aligned and automated all of our business processes, from purchasing and sales to transportation and warehousing. Everything is now available on a single platform.”

Eric Landwaart

General Manager – Heveck

Heveck x fizor.

“The system is always up-to-date, as updates are automatically provided by our low-code provider. This saves us the time and financial resources that were previously spent on updating the system manually.”

Jelis Roodbeen

CEO – Organisatiesysteem

Jelis fizor.

We’re proud of our clients.

Customer cases. They already improved their processes

Heveck Logistics replaces its old ERP-system within 10 months


RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust integrates data streams into 1 powerful workflow management system


Organisatiesysteem opts for fast innovation with a future-proof core system


City of Bellevue increases scalability and efficiency with a sustainable vendor management system