City of Bellevue increases scalability and efficiency with sustainable vendor management system

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City of Bellevue is a vibrant city in Washington state. The place forms the backdrop for tech-startups and high-end retail shops, most of which are located within the Eastside district. With over 150.000 jobs and a skyline that shines with high-rise buildings – consisting of shopping malls, office buildings and production facilities – the residents and visitors of Bellevue are welcomed by a wonderful combination of creativity, style and innovation.


Long lead times and incomplete data

The government of Bellevue works closely together with a large number of local partners and suppliers. Whether they are active in the public, private or non-profit sector, these relationships are essential for both the city and its residents. Unfortunately, maintaining these relationships proved to be a challenge for the city, especially with partners located in the commercial center of Bellevue. Usually, questions from suppliers and partners were handled through phone or via email, a process that required a lot of time and effort to collect and store important information.

Although managing these updates in a timely manner was crucial for the relationship management of the city, they often resulted in high work pressure amongst local government officials. Also, the long waiting times and streams of unorganized data were starting to become a real problem for Bellevue. 

The city was desperately in search of a solution that could properly optimize their supply management. As a software partner, fizor. coordinated this project for the City of Bellevue and helped them select and implement the right software for the job.


Vendor management at its best

Because of the need for speed and flexibility, the fizor. team managed to develop an extensive vendor management portal in just a short time, using low-code technologies. The portal was tailored to the specific needs of Bellevue and was intended to solve some of its biggest procedural issues. This vendor management portal was supposed to better align the city’s supply management data with its communication flows, all in one powerful portal. 

The new software gives suppliers 24/7 access to their own communication portal that is directly connected to the city. This makes retrieving important information much easier for them. The portal also makes sure that suppliers can upload their invoices directly to the city’s administration. Users can easily view their billing and payment status, and also make information requests for changing data such as addresses and bank account information. These requests are subsequently incorporated into the approval-workflow of the city. 

Also, the new vendor management portal provides extra functions like an FAQ page where users can find all information about supply management, including downloadable content. The new system has granted Bellevue an effective tool to answer frequently asked questions effectively and provide their suppliers with instant updates.


Flexible, scalable and sustainable

The vendor management portal can be adapted and scaled up according to the growth ambitions of the City of Bellevue – without making any additional costs. This makes it a great business case for the power of low-code based systems. The software has the flexibility you would expect from a low-code platform. The system can be easily adjusted to increase its functionality and further optimize its user experience. 

With this low-code solution, City of Bellevue has found a flexible way of managing its information and communication flows efficiently. And fizor was able to deliver a sustainable and powerful application that has the capability to evolve in accordance to the needs of the city.

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